Welcome to Poshtel – where there’s something new (and old) around every corner.

In the heart of the Oamaru, Poshtel is within convenient walking distance to the historic precinct, the local gardens, the Oamaru Opera House, Steampunk HQ, penguin viewing and all the delectable eating and unique shopping experiences of the town.

This is not simply a place to sleep and eat before you move on to the next location. Designed by Carter Smith Architecture + Interiors, each room creates a distinct atmosphere all its own. Together they combine to create a myriad of interwoven stories, a collection of art and objects that provide guests with a truly unique NZ experience.

Walk through our hallways and into the rooms and you’ll find the objects that have made Otago such an interesting place through the years. You’ll discover the stories that have arisen, the people that have grown them and, perhaps, a little inspiration for going out and making some stories of your own.


Your hosts

Shelley and Aidan returned from the UK in January 2020 and are thrilled to be back in New Zealand.

While working in the UK they managed two twelve room bed and breakfasts in Cheltenham, on the edge of the Cotswolds for eight years and three years were spent in Ireland. Prior to this they owned a restaurant in Russell in the Bay of Islands where Aidan was Chef and Shelley ran the front of house.

Their lives have revolved around hospitality – hotel, restaurants and Bed and Breakfasts all their lives and have loved meeting people from around the world and promoting the areas they have lived in. “We have made some super friends out of regular guests and are still in touch with many in the UK, and hope that they will visit us when Covid-19 ceases to stop international travel. Oamaru and it’s surrounding areas have so much to offer and is a visitor’s delight, with architecture, nature, art, food and wine being on offer everywhere you turn”.

Poshtel is a wonderful destination in itself and compliments the quirky and fascinating Oamaru sights.

The Reef Gallery

The Reef Gallery is an in-house art gallery specialising in New Zealand and Pacific art. It is open to Hotel guests as part of our lounge space.

We hold regular public viewings and artist-in-residence programmes, so keep an eye on our facebook page for upcoming events.

Our values

We value personal space: What is personal space? For many the first thought that springs to mind is the small distance around your person, that area that is yours to control. For us personal space means space to relax, no matter who you are or where you find yourself. Personal space is both individual and comfortable. It is room to breathe away from the distractions and stress of modern life. It’s there when you need it, to sink into and take comfort from, a place treating you in the way you deserve. Here at Poshtel we value your personal space.

The destination should be as memorable as the journey: You lose a lot when you sleep. The day before drifts further away, the excitement and adrenalin wears off. We want you to wake up in a place that reinvigorates the feeling of exploration, a room that inspires motivation and action for the day ahead. It is why we are proud to offer interior art and design that impels our guest’s journey and the service that supports it. And we make sure that arriving at Poshtel is as an exciting an event as anything else that may have come before it that day.

 The little things are a big deal: In this day and age ‘luxury’ isn’t necessarily about gauche wealth or narcissistic glamour. Instead true luxury provides an enduring sense of confidence and wellbeing. True luxury is about looking at every small detail and ensuring each is to the highest of standards. That’s why we have invested in the little details that deliver a lot of comfort for our guests. In our ‘living room’ there’s space to stretch out and make the most (or least) of your time here. In our rooms the style and substance coheres into a greater whole.

Hospitality builds community: Our international visitors may only ever come here once over the course of their lives. But we want them to leave knowing they have a home away from home in Oamaru. Our locals may stop by but once a year, or less. It doesn’t matter – we’re always ready with a friendly greeting and a memory to share. This is how we have built longstanding bonds with local communities, regional businesses and international clients alike. Oamaru is an exciting, dynamic and fast-evolving place. Quite simply, we love sharing it with others.